About Us

| Updated on 10 June 2024

Media Pract is a leading digital platform that reports, informs, entertains, and educates its readers about the latest developments and inventions in the field of technology from across the globe. We follow all journalism’s ethical and fundamental elements while reporting, formulating, and publishing any information on our website. 

We cover insightful and informative content that is gathered from reliable sources and fact-checked by our team of experts. Moreover, we publish about technological innovations, the latest tech news, product launches, tech events, and even emerging tech, following brevity so readers from all life backgrounds can fully comprehend it. 

Media Pract is owned and managed by Media Pract LLC, a digital media company headquartered in the heart of downtown New York City.

Our Mission

Media Pract aims to offer a wide range of well-researched and relevant information to our users to keep them updated about every single event and occurrence in the tech world. The readers are our top-most priority, so for them, we keep a check on our content’s accuracy and quality at frequent intervals. 

Media Pract’s Editorial Team

Our team of exceptional editors and reporters go above and beyond to find, analyze, report, accumulate, and publish in the simplest terms for Media Pract’s users to understand and acquire.

The Editors

Our exceptional team of editors includes,

(Cathy Cunningham)

The Reporters

Our hardworking team of reporters includes,

Alap Naik Desai

Anu Joy