Netflix is Discontinuing its Cheapest Ad-free Plan

| Updated on 10 July 2024

Netflix is following its plan to discontinue its cheapest ad-free plan for its existing subscribers. They are starting with that in the UK and Canada. 

Many Reddit users expressed their concerns over Netflix asking them to upgrade to a new plan to keep watching. One Reddit user shared an image where Netflix is not letting him continue to watch without choosing a new plan. Here is what he said. 

“Netflix won’t let me watch the last few weeks of my subscription without resubscribing. There’s no option to continue watching without selecting a new plan”

Can’t finish Netflix subscription
byu/BritestBowlingBall inmildlyinfuriating

Subscribers who are paying $11.99 a month for the basic ad-free plan will have to either choose a $6.99 ad-supported plan or a $15.49 ad-free plan to keep enjoying Netflix to the fullest. 

By seeing these posts from many Reddit users, it looks like most of the users are prompted to upgrade their plans in Canada and the UK. Netflix announced to phase out of the basic tier in January when they stopped taking in new users for the basic plan. 

The pricing page of the steaming giant in Canada and the UK also says that the “Basic plan has been discontinued” and that “you can change your plan at any time.”

Earlier, Netflix hasn’t said anything about when it will start phasing out the basic plan for existing subscribers. But it looks like the time is now.  

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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