Instagram Live Streams: The Company Adds Support for Close Friends Only

| Updated on 21 June 2024

For a while now, Instagram has been focusing on creating meaningful conversations on the platform by introducing features for intimate group chats. 

Now, the company is adding another feature for intimate group chat, Live Stream for Close Friends only. The new feature will enable Instagram users to live with up to three other people in a private video session. 

Instagram Live Stream with Close Friends

This live stream will only be available for people in your close friends’ group. If you haven’t created a group of close friends, you may need to create one. 

You can check out the above example of how you’ll be able to broadcast live to your Close Friends group. You can also invite others to join or co-host the livestream with you. If another person joins you in the live stream, it will also expand the audience to their Close Friends group. Ultimately, it will still be a live stream for a small number of people that can help you foster better connections. 

Live videos have been one of the key functionalities that younger audiences are using today, the same goes for DM. Instagram is hoping to capitalize on that as other social media platforms are also looking to leverage that. 

The company allows users to connect in the app and maintain a community within more close-knit groups.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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