X to Consider Free Trials for X Premium Users

| Updated on 10 July 2024

X is set to a new feature called free trial to X premium. This will allow users to experience its add-on features before committing to it. 

The company is looking to entice more X premium subscribers this time with the free trial. However, there is no clarity on this as of now. 

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A recent code update spotted by X Updates Rada suggests that the company is preparing for a free trial period. Seemingly, it would enable the users to test out the premium features available on X such as Grok before actually committing to buying the product. However, some experts feel that this would negate the whole purpose of the subscription program on X. 

The proposal of X Premium was suggested by Elon Musk as a way to combat bots and by ensuring that only real humans had access to the platform. However, a free trial would allow the spammers and scammers to set up multiple fake accounts, thereby aiding in their deceptive practices. 

At the time, Elon Musk said that an X Premium account would make farms way more expensive to run because they would have to pay up in order to create a profile and be seen as legitimate. However, only 1% of the users opted for an X premium account. So, it seems that for bot operators it’s not a major hurdle as Elon was hoping it would be. Now, he wants to maximize the revenue from the X Premium and boost exposure for its AI chatbot. 

A free trial would allow the users to test out the product before buying, it is a good idea. But the question is, how many people would want to even try out the free version of X premium let alone subscribe? 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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