Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Prices are Moving Upwards, A New Plan Coming

| Updated on 11 July 2024
Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has increased the prices of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for both PCs and consoles. Additionally, they’ve also announced a new Game Pass Standard tier without access to day-one games. 

The company has made an official announcement through their blog confirming the changes. The company has started sending emails to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate of a price increase to $19.99 a month that will take effect from September 12th. That is a $3 increase from the current $16.99 a-month plan. 

The PC game pass users will also see an increase in the price from September by 2 dollars. It will increase to $11.99 from $9.99 per month. These plans will include day-one access to all the titles. If you are outside the US, check out this list of prices revealed by Microsoft here

The price bump in Xbox Game Pass comes right before they announced the plans to add Call of Duty: Block Ops 6 and other big first-party Xbox games to its Game Pass service. 

This price increase by Microsoft will affect largely the Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who make up the vast majority of Game Pass subscribers. 

Alongside this price increase, Microsoft is also introducing a new option of an Xbox Game Pass standard subscription without day-one access. The standard Game Pass will be priced at $14.99 a month for new users. 

The Game Pass Console users will be continuing to enjoy their subscription period but the new users won’t be able to select the console option starting July 10th until the new Game Pass Standard is available. The company says that they will be releasing the Xbox Game Pass Standard version in the coming months. 

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