YouTube Channel @Handles Now Available in 75 Languages

| Updated on 4 July 2024

The @handles for YouTube channels were first introduced in 2022 and they were a great addition to the platform. This feature allowed the YouTube creators to stand away from the crowd and have an identity on the platform. 

Earlier this feature was available in only a few languages. Now, YouTube has decided to expand @handles for YouTube channels to more languages. This will allow the creators in various regions to create a channel handle in their native language. 

YouTube Channel Handles in Different Languages

As you can see from the example image above, the @handles of YouTube channels will now be available in your preferred language. Users can now avail of these @handles in 75 languages. This will be a great way to promote their channel in local regions. 

Here is what YouTube said about this. 

“Creators and viewers will be able to customize their unique handle in their preferred language. Handles are displayed across YouTube, on Shorts, and in comments, so be sure to select a handle in your preferred language that you’re comfortable with as your public identity.”

You must know that the Channel name and @handle are different from each other. The @handle is an identifier for your channel that is unique to you only, just like you choose a handle for an Instagram, TikTok, or X (Twitter) account. 

This @handle also serves as a unique channel URL that can be utilized in promoting the channel. It will be another branding opportunity for the creators. The support of various languages will help creators in different regions better align themselves with their audience.

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