0981 What Network is This? Unravel The Enigma Here

| Updated on 13 May 2024

Many people prefer to know the service provider before buying a mobile number. In most countries, people identify the service providers using their assigned number prefixes. And 0981 number code, too, is one of such prefixes.

This is why we’re coming to this great query regarding this popular prefix in the Philippines – 0981 What network is it?

Join us as we discover what network is 0981 and “is 0981 Smart or Globe prefix?”. We’ll also dive deeper into other key points regarding this particular code.

What is 0981 Network?

The 0981 network has been popular in the Philippines for a long time. The network’s top-notch offerings lead to a steady rise in users over time. Some common formats to write a mobile number with this prefix are:

  • 0981xxxxxxx
  • +63981xxxxxxx
  • 981xxxxxxx


If you’re living outside the Philippines but need to call a number with this code, please use the second format, i.e., +63981xxxxxxx.

Most of the 0981 SIM owners are satisfied with the quality of cellular services provided by the company. However, many of these are completely unaware of the actual service provider of their SIM card.

As stated earlier, network operators are identified by their domains of number prefixes. Many are confused about whether the code is under Globe or Smart. Find out the real operator behind the 0981 prefix in the next section.

Is 0981 Part of Smart or Globe?

To give you a short answer, 0981 belongs to the Smart community. That means all users can enjoy comprehensive coverage in most areas. 

Smart Communications and Globe Telecom belong to the top network lists in the Philippines. While Smart heightens its performance in calls and connectivity, Globe does great at providing quality data services.

Smart Communicationss

However, it is for sure that the 0981 network comes under Smart Communications. With it, come the various awesome promos offered by the telecom giant.

Do You Know? 🤔

The 0981 network is a government-trusted network used by the military and defense organizations for communication.

Now that we have cleared the air around 0981 being a part of Smart or Globe, we can finally move to the other big question, i.e., Is 0981 Smart or TNT? 

The network coverage and service provided by the operator are so vast and precise that it’s hard for people to believe that only Smart Telecommunications can manage it, and that too with the utmost level of perfection. 

Read below if you are also curious to know whether 0981 is Smart or TNT.

What is 0981, Smart, or TNT?

Technically, 0981 is only a part of Smart’s territory. TNT SIM cards don’t cover this particular prefix in their sphere. So, when choosing a top-up plan, please check whether the plan works for Smart SIM cards or not.

Although you won’t be able to access TNT Unli data promos, you can still get your hands on all the other attractive deals. Some of them are:

  • Powerall
  • Magic Data
  • Promo Load
  • Gilas Power
  • Giga
  • Double Giga+
  • All Access Data

Besides that, you can also check what SIM is 0981, simply through your mobile phone. To learn more about it, read the subsequent section.

Steps to Check What SIM is 0981

In case you want to figure out your phone carrier by yourself, you can choose between the two different methods mentioned below:

Check 0981 What Network Through Phone Settings

To do this in the simplest way possible, comply with the below instructions:

  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Open the SIM cards & Mobile Network section.
  3. Tap on the slot that contains your 0981 SIM card.
  4. The service provider’s name will be mentioned on your screen.

Check 0981 What Network Through Browser

With your browser, you can also employ it to look up your mobile service provider online. Carry out the steps listed below:

  1. In your browser, search ‘Free Carrier Lookup’ or click this link.
  2. On the new page, select your country from the drop-down.
    Select your country here
  1. In the text box, enter your mobile number.
  2. Click on the ‘Free Carrier Lookup’ button.
  3. Your service provider and other details will be listed on the page.

Not just 0981, you can check the phone number with any prefix, using the above methods. The carrier provider is also mentioned on the packaging of the SIM card. So, don’t ever forget to check it out when you buy a new SIM.

What Should You Know About Your Service Provider?

Over time, people have realized why knowing their phone carrier is so important. It is necessary to know what you’re signing yourself up for before you buy a SIM card. That is, you must research the basic elements related to your telecom provider. 

We have listed some common factors to compare while choosing a service provider before buying a SIM card:

  • Brand Reputation: The goodwill and reputation of the telecom provider play a significant role in forecasting its performance. Look for the most reputed providers in your country.
  • Regional Coverage: Check the coverage provided by different phone carriers in your region. Choose one that offers the best overall coverage.

Tip 💡

For smart SIM cards, you can check the network coverage in your area using the link provided here.

  • Top-up Structure: Browse through the top-up plans provided by the company. Compare their pricing structures to those of other telecom providers.
  • Network Coverage: Another important factor is how far the network coverage lasts. Does it work in the city’s outskirts and rural areas? Find answers to such questions.
  • Supporting Devices: Some SIM cards do not support all types of devices. Thus, keep your mobile specifications in mind before buying a SIM.
  • Customer Service: Issues can not be prevented, but solved. Thus, it is a must to pick a provider that offers quality customer support to solve your issues.

Decide on what features are a must and what you can compromise with. This would help you identify the right telecom carrier for you.

As for Smart Communications, there’s no doubt that the 0981 network offers wide coverage and bandwidth with a wider collection of recharge plans. 

If you’re already an old user, then you must’ve experienced its performance, and if you’re not satisfied with the services, you can totally swing the decision to change your provider now.


What are the beginning numbers of smart?

Smart Communications covers several number prefixes under their domain including 0813, 0908, 0911, 0913, 0914, 0919, 0920, 0921, 0928, 0929, 0939, and 12 more.

Is 0938 Smart or Globe?

Yes, 0938 is a number prefix completely owned by Smart Communications or the Talk’N’Text network.

Is 0917 a Smart or Globe?

The short answer is no. 0917 doesn’t belong to Smart or TNT, instead, it is a part of Globe Telecom’s domain.


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