Invitation Only Social Network Airchat is the Latest Revolution in Tech

| Updated on 19 April 2024

There is a new audio-based, invite-only social media network in town – Airchat. This is like a combination of voice notes and Twitter. 

In this app, instead of typing, you speak into the microphone and the app will automatically transcribe what you said and the transcription will appear on feeds alongside your voice. 

The company was founded by Naval Ravikant, AngelList founder, and Brind Norgard, Tinder co-founder. It has become a sensation of some sort in the social media world over the last few days. 

Now, the whole of Silicon Valley is asking if Airchat is going to become the next big thing in tech by breaking away from traditional text and video-dominant social media platforms. 

Well, the app is well received and it continues to add more users. At one point, the co-founder Naval Ravikant had to close off the new sign-ups to his app due to high traffic. 

Ravikant said on Sunday in a short audio posted on the app itself “We’ve had an influx of new users, so we’re turning off the invitation capability for a little while.”

Airchat puts together a feed that puts audio and written content in the feed. By listening to the audio, you would listen to the warmth and personality through the voice. 

To post on Airchat, users need to tap on the microphone icon and start recording. The feed of Airchat looks just like Twitter, and you can scroll through the various posts on your feed. 

Currently, the app is invite-only, so it may take a while for it to reach the masses. However, if you want to join Airchat, find someone who is already on Airchat and ask them for an invite. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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