Arc Browser Now Available on Windows: Everything to Know

| Updated on 2 May 2024

 There has been no revolution in the browsers for a long time. a company called The Browser Company is behind a project that has changed the browsing experience for most of us. 

Up until now, it was available for Mac-based products but now the company has announced that you can use the Arc Browser on Windows 11 as well. 

Arc Browser Available for Windows 11

To try out the Arc browser on Windows 11, go to and download the browser from there. 

The Arc Browser is based on the free and open-source Chromium engine, but the Arc for Windows is built on Apple’s Swift Programming Language. This allows the browser to maintain feature parity with Apple’s version. 

However, the initial release of the browser will lack some features that are available on MacOS, including Little Arc which opens a link in a floating pop-up window. However, the Windows version will support touchscreen. 

As we’ve mentioned, it is currently available for Windows 11 only, but support for Windows 10 is in the pipeline. 

The new Arc Browser for Windows 11 will feature a collapsible sidebar positioned on the left side. The action on the Arc Browser happens in the sidebar and your window remains free from any distraction. 

It also offers a split view that shows multiple tabs side by side within a single window for improved multitasking. It also allows the picture-in-picture video player through a pop-up window.

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