Privacy Policy

| Updated on 30 March 2024

We, at Media Pract, gather specific information from our users to help them with our content. Also, the second you land on our site, we automatically start accumulating your information. Another way from which we gather your information is when you first register with us.

Information We Collect

We gather personal information like your name, location, contact details, email address, and date of birth. Further, we collect your usage information like the pages you frequently visit and your activity on the Media Pract website.

In addition, we also collect a bunch of technical information including but not limited to your browser type, software and hardware details, IP address, and device information. Further, we take into account the comments and media you upload to the website, website cookies, and other third-party tracking. 

At Media Pract, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We partake in the importance of securing your personal data and ensure to stay committed by the same.

How We Use Your Information?

The information collected by the users is utilized to give you access to, as the detailed accumulated helps in tailoring the website according to your needs. The information also helps to improve our website by personalizing the user experience.

Further, it helps in letting us know of your preferences and demands as we commit to serving you with what interests you and improving our website overall. We even use the data collected to monitor if any unauthorized access or suspicious activity happened on the server. Users are asked to abide by the legal obligations while protecting their interests and rights. 

Another reason for recording your data is to establish the response to all the queries on the website. We also analyze the user patterns and their contributions to our website, we can also mold your information with the latest trends. 

About Sharing Your Information

At Media Pract, we handle your personal details with great care, and it is securely kept confidential with no chance of them getting shared with a third party unless required by the law.

However, to maintain transparency with our viewers we might share your information with some third-party services, who are working with us, to provide you with our services. They are allowed to contact support providers and payment processors. 

These providers are instructed to keep your confidential information and use it according to our needs. Our readers are given the foremost priority and for safety reasons, we might share your information with the law, when it’s required and necessary.

We take all the necessary procedures required to shield your confidentiality and privacy from potential breaches and unauthorized access. Also, we do not engage in selling information for any marketing purposes. Media Pract is fully secured with the latest SSL technology that ensures the protection of personal and financial information.

How We Protect Your Information

Our privacy policy outlines the protective measures we take to use your information. It includes a lot of information for visitor’s protection against disclosure, usage, and mainly unauthorized entrance. 

We restrict unknown access to your data by combining firewalls, encryption, and other technologies.

At Media Pract, we classify your protection into administrative, technical, and physical security, The website also urges third-party service providers to connect with us to maintain appropriate security measures. We use a system that is fully secure and provides the guaranteed protection of information.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We update our privacy policy on fixed intervals to encourage our visitors to frequently check this page. This is done to reflect changes in our legal requirements and workings. Also, Media Pract owns the right to make changes in this policy, without any prior information.

The readers are appreciated to review this policy frequently in order for them to stay informed on how we protect the information we collect. The changes made are done to meet compliance and consider you to accept your renewed policy.