Daylight Launches Blue Light Free Tablet DC1

| Updated on 27 May 2024

Daylight, a public benefit company, has unveiled its innovative tablet DC1 at an event in San Francisco. 

Tablets these days are kind of boring. They are more powerful than ever, but most people don’t need that much power. There are not a lot of things in a tablet that are unique. That is where Daylight DC1 comes in. 

According to the company, Daylight DC1 is the world’s first calm and blue-light-free computer that is designed to foster a healthier relationship with technology. 

The new tablet from Daylight features a proprietary LivePaper display, which combines the calming effects of E-ink with the responsiveness of an LCD. This display offers a paper-like reading and writing experience. 

This display is a piece of art. The display technology is complemented by zero blue light and pure amber backlight, reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep. 

The CEO of the company said, “Daylight is more than a product; it’s a movement towards a more humane and focused way of interacting with technology. Our goal is to create devices that encourage users to reconnect with the natural world and their own thoughts, rather than being constantly overstimulated by screens. And this is only the start.”

Pre-orders of the new tablets are open here. The first set of newly launched DC1 units has already sold out in preorders. This shows the demand for such technology. 

Now, coming to the specs. The tablet has a 10.5-inch LivePaper display with a 60-120 Hz refresh rate, the fastest e-paper display in the world. For connectivity, it includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, and USB C OTG. The device comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128GB storage, it is also expandable via a microSD card slot. 

The OS, SolOS is a custom Android-based operating system that is designed for deep focus. The notifications are off by default and the OS has a minimalist user interface.

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