DJI Drone Might Soon be Banned in the US

| Updated on 19 June 2024
DJI Drone Controller with a Mobile Device

Another Chinese company may face a ban in the US market soon. The US House of Representatives passed a ban on the sales of DJI drones within the country. This legislation still has to be voted on in the Senate, but most likely it will go through. This means that the DJI drone ban is now a lot more likely. 

DJI is the biggest player in the world when it comes to global drone market share. They have achieved this on the back of some extraordinary engineering of their drone technology. They are the biggest player in the consumer drone sector. 

Around 6% of the DJI stocks are held by Chinese state-owned businesses and that has Uncle Sam worried. The lawmakers are fearful of DJI drones having secret backdoors that would allow Chinese government surveillance or pose a risk to national security. Also, a large successful company from China would result in US consumers directly helping to boost the Chinese economy. 

The drone bill has been making its way through Congress for more than a year now. The Countering CCP Drones Act was passed in the full House of Representatives last week and is set to make its way to the US Senate. If it is passed by the Senate, then it would make its way to the US President Joe Biden’s desk. 

For now, the bill wouldn’t affect DJI drones that have already been purchased in the US. It would just outright ban the sales of new DJI products in the country. DJI has been the dominant player in the industry, a ban on the sales would drastically reduce the number of available drones in the market. 

DJI also sells other things like gimbals, action cams, and more. They will also be banned in the country if the bill passes in the Senate. 

We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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