Everything to Know About Google Search Gemini AI Upgrades

| Updated on 16 May 2024

Google Search has now received massive AI upgrades powered by their LLM Gemini. Announced at Google I/O 2024, the new Gemini upgrades will transform the way you use search by answering questions by fetching the information from the web. 

Now the search will work better for you as you can use the new upgrades to your advantage. It will be able to answer questions with an AI overview and more features. 

Here is what you should know about the AI upgrades announced by Google. 

AI Overviews – Now, you can get speedy answers to your queries using AI overview. They’ve been testing it for quite a while and now the feature is rolled out for the users in the US, with most countries getting it soon. 

The new model for AI overview will be able to generate a quick answer to your question from a variety of sources, including the links to sources as well. 

Adjustable AI Overview – When it comes to AI overview, Google will allow users to simplify the language or break it down even further. This will allow all types of users to make use of the AI overview feature. 

Gemini Getting More Complex – Related to search, Gemini is getting more complex and adds multi-step reasoning capabilities. It will be able to understand and break down the complex question and answer everything in question. 

This will be included in the AI overviews as well, you don’t need to search multiple times, just ask a complex question and it will get all the answers. 

Make Plans with Search – Planning is an essential part of the AI experience, since the inception of AI people have been using its ability to make plans. With this, you can ask the search to make plans with you. 

Whether you want to travel to another country or want to go shopping with a loved one, whatever it is, search can create and customize the plans based on follow-up prompts. 

Google Search Now Available Using Multimodal Model – Now, video Search is also coming to Google but using the Gemini model upgrades. 

Think of it as Google Lens but on steroids. You will be able to ask questions about whatever you see in front of you and get relevant answers about it. Google showed it through an example of “how to fix a broken record player” by showing the record player in front. It was able to provide the context by breaking down the video into individual frames and understanding what was going wrong with the player. 

Google also announced many more AI features in their Google I/O 2024 event, but here we’ve only covered the Search part. 

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