Meta Adds Its AI Chatbot to Search Bar Across Its Apps

| Updated on 22 April 2024

The race for AI chatbots is on and OpenAI kickstarted it. But Meta seems determined to win it. 

The Meta AI assistant, Llama, is being integrated into the search box of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It will also start appearing directly in the main Facebook feed as well. 

Users can access the chatbot in the messaging inboxes of its apps. And the new assistant is also accessible through a website, 

For Meta to win this race of AI assistants, the company needs to have a better AI model than ChatGPT. To that end, Meta has announced the new Llama 3 model, the next version of its foundational open-source large language model.

The company says that Llama 3 outperforms competing models on key benchmarks. The company also claims that its better across the board at tasks like coding. 

For now, two smaller Llama 3 models are released, while a large multimodal version will be arriving in the coming months.

Mark Zuckerberg says that they aim to create “the most intelligent AI assistant that people can freely use across the world, and with Llama 3, we basically feel like we’re there.”

Meta AI chatbot can also integrate the real-time search results from both Google and Bing. Meta decides when either search engine is used to give an answer for a prompt. 

It has only been available in the US, but is now being rolled out in English to Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. More countries and languages are coming soon. 

Meta AI is trying to compete with ChatGPT, but how will it fare, only time will tell. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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