Meta Opens Quest OS to Third-Party Headset Makers

| Updated on 24 April 2024

Meta announced on Monday, that the mixed reality OS that powered their Quest lineup can be used by third-party device manufacturers. Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft’s Xbox confirmed that they will be developing devices that can run the new Meta mixed reality OS. 

The new mixed reality OS from Meta is called the Horizon OS. This OS lets the developers access technologies like eye, face, hand, and body tracking and high-resolution passthrough as well. In passthrough mode, users can see their surroundings in high resolution while wearing the headset.

The company also announced that these devices can connect to iOS and Android devices using the Meta Quest app. 

Meta mentioned that developers and creators can access the technologies using customer frameworks. 

“Developers and creators can take advantage of all these technologies using the custom frameworks and tooling we’ve built for creating mixed reality experiences, and they can reach their communities and grow their businesses through the content discovery and monetization platforms built into the OS. These include the Meta Quest Store, which contains the world’s best library of immersive apps and experiences—we’re renaming it to the Meta Horizon Store.”

Meta is calling this development a more open App ecosystem as more manufacturers are willing to put their bets on it. They are also developing a new special app framework as well. 

“We’re also developing a new spatial app framework that helps mobile developers create mixed reality experiences. Developers will be able to use the tools they’re already familiar with to bring their mobile apps to Meta Horizon OS or to create entirely new mixed-reality apps. Developers can apply for access here.”

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