Microsoft Says New Arm-Powered Windows Laptops Could Surpass M3 MacBook Air Performance

| Updated on 10 April 2024

Microsoft is getting ready to showcase its vision on ‘AI PCs’ at an event in Seattle next month. According to sources, Microsoft is confident that a round of new Arm-powered Windows laptops will beat Apple’s M3-powered MacBook Air performance. 

Reportedly, the new chip from Snapdragon is faster than the M3 MacBook Air in CPU, AI acceleration, and app emulation. 

This comes after years of failed promises from Qualcomm. Now, Microsoft believes that upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processors will finally offer the performance it has been yearning for years. For many years, Microsoft has been looking to push Windows on Arm much more aggressively. They are now betting big on the upcoming PC/laptop grade Snapdragon X Elite processor from Qualcomm.  

The upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processors will ship in a variety of hardware this year, including the consumer-focused laptop from Microsoft – Surface hardware. 

The company is so confident that they are planning to showcase these new chips via a number of demos that will show these chips are faster than the M3 MacBook Air for CPU tasks, AI acceleration, and app emulation. According to an internal document by Microsoft, seen by The Verge, the new Windows AI PCs will have “faster app emulation than Rosetta 2”. 

Microsoft is set to launch two new laptops for business users. It is possible that the consumer variant of these laptops might feature Snapdragon X Elite processors. 

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