Apple Promises Five Years of Software Support for iPhone 15

| Updated on 6 June 2024

Officially Apple has never announced their software policy for iPhones. However, for a long time, they’ve been supporting their old models for new software updates. 

For example, the iPhone XR, launched in 2018, is running the latest version of iOS 17.5 and also rumored to get the iOS 18 as well. But they’ve never given a specific number of years or a timeline for the software support for iPhones. 

For the first time, Apple has outlined its software policy. Their competition, Google and Samsung offer seven years of software support for their flagship devices. 

Now, the company has been forced by UK regulations to announce a minimum support window for its iPhone 15 series. The company chose to go with the five years of software support for their iPhone 15 Pro Mac. This is two years less than its main competitors like Google and Samsung. But the thing to note here is that Apple promises this to be a minimum. Check the screenshot below. 

Apple promises five years of software support for the iPhone 15

Nothing is stopping the company from going beyond the promised five years. In the past, it has supported some devices for more than five years. We have to note the wording of Apple here, they are not saying that they would end the software support after five years, they are saying that’s the minimum amount of time. 

For the first time, Apple has come out and specified a specific number on this matter. They have not officially announced it the way Android makers like to do it, we’ve had to find out about it through regulators.  

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