Apple to Soon Offer Better Support for Third-Party iPhone Displays and Batteries

| Updated on 4 July 2024

Apple is now focusing on its repairability efforts, the company is doing everything to match the standard set by the European Union. They are extending the self-service diagnostics tool to Europe. This will allow the users to better diagnose their devices for potential issues. 

A new white paper published by Apple laid out its revised approach to the responsibility program. The white paper is called “Longevity by Design.” There is so much in this that cannot be summarized in a single article. But the most important thing here is that Apple says later this year, it will extend more software features to third-party iPhone components. 

Apple mentions that True Tone will now work even with third-party displays starting this year. Here is what the white paper reads. 

“Currently, battery health metrics such as maximum capacity and cycle count are not presented to consumers whose devices have third-party batteries. This is because the accuracy of these metrics cannot be verified by Apple. In fact, an Apple internal analysis has found that some third-party batteries sold as new are actually secondhand, with battery health metrics manipulated to appear as new. In an effort to improve support for third-party batteries, starting later in 2024, Apple will display battery health metrics with a notification stating that Apple cannot verify the information presented.” 

However, Apple mentions that the results might not be up to usual standards since True Tone depends on service side calibration that varies by each individual device. 

Battery metrics are also coming to the third-party batteries as you can read from the above statement. The white paper also suggests that Apple is wary of third-party batteries. It also included the data on tests that led to failures. 

“We encourage all consumers to confirm that the product meets stringent safety requirements.” They want the users to proceed with caution and use products that meet stringent safety requirements. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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