In a New Leak ASUS ROG Ally X Confirmed to Come with Doubled Battery Capacity and More RAM

| Updated on 28 May 2024
ROG Ally X

The new gaming handheld device, ASUS ROG Ally X is expected to be launched within the next couple of weeks and the specifications of the gaming console have been leaked online before the launch. 

It will be an updated version of the first-generation gaming console rather than a successor. The details of the handheld have been leaked online and suggest that the ASUS ROG Ally X will come with highly requested hardware improvements. These will include more battery and higher bandwidth. 

VideoCardz has leaked marketing material that confirms that the company is doubling the battery capacity to 80Wh, from the original 40Wh pack. If this is correct, it would be the largest battery we’ve seen in a handheld. Despite this upgrade, ASUS ROG Ally X only weighs an additional 70g and is just 5mm. 

Apart from the battery, the new handheld will also come with 24GB of faster LPDDR5 memory, an additional overhead to share with the GPU that could possibly lead to a slight improvement in games. It would come with the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip and a seven-inch 120Hz VRR screen. 

Another important upgrade is the addition of a second USB-C port with USB4 speeds. According to Videocardz, ASUS has removed the proprietary eGPU port that was available in the previous version. But they don’t know if the handheld device can be charged with both ports or not. 

If all of this comes true, it will be a hell of a gaming handheld device. It will more than hold us over until the next model. The device will officially be presented at Computex 2024. The company has not confirmed the price yet. There was an earlier rumor that suggested the $799 price for the new handheld gaming device from ASUS. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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