Best Buy is Ending Its Samsung Repair Program

| Updated on 10 June 2024

A few weeks ago, iFixit announced that it has ended its repair program with Samsung. The company gave reasons such as difficulties in getting official parts, expenses, as well as hardware designs that proved to be somewhat difficult to repair. Which can mean a lot coming from the iFixit itself. 

Now, another major brand has cut ties with Samsung on its repair program. This is reported by the Verge, the Geek Squad at Best Buy is shutting down its authorized service provider program. This program allowed the select Best Buy outlets to repair Samsung phones with genuine parts, training, and such. 

According to an employee at Geek Squad, who talked to The Verge, “Samsung ASP is ending in all SASP locations.” The employee also provided this internal screenshot. 

Screenshot from Geek Squad Employee

According to the report, now the page dedicated to locating ASP centers on Best Buy is unavailable. And Samsung authorized service center locators already delisted the Best Buy locations. 

This is not good news for Samsung or its customers. The exit of Best Buy from the Samsung ASP program would leave fewer options for Samsung device owners. 

This can have consequences for users as they could repair their phones at Best Buy ASP locations no matter where it was purchased. Now, they can only repair the devices that are purchased at Best Buy and pay for the Geek Squad Protection Plan. It would cost an additional $199 or $249, depending on the model. 

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