Big Update to Palworld Finally Rolled Out for Xbox

| Updated on 12 April 2024

A new update to your favorite game Palworld is finally available for all Xbox users and game pass users. This update is also available for the PC version of the game distributed via the Microsoft Store. The updated version number adds the first ever raid boss to Palworld, in addition to adding a few new things as well. 

The highlight of this update is the new raid boss, Bellanoir. This will provide a fair challenge to the users. There are two variants of the raid boss, both of which can be battled by building a Summoning Altar and then crafting slabs from Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments. These are new kinds of drops that can be obtained from treasure chests in Dungeons, Mineshafts, and Wildlife Sanctuary islands.

Palworld – Bellanoir

Here are some highlights of the Palworld Update. 

  • Inclusion of the first raid boss
  • Users can summon raid bosses by using slabs at the new summoning alter
  • Raid Boss Pals summoned by slabs are very powerful and can not be captured. You need to work alongside your base Pals to take on these powerful foes.
  • Pals Eggs can drop after defeating Raid Boss Pals
  • New “Recovery Meds” items have been added, by using these meds the HP will slowly recover
  • “Homeward Thundercloud” has been added
  • “Ability Glasses” has been added
  • “Ancient Technical Manual” has been added
  • “Training Manual” items have been added

Apart from these, there are many smaller things that have been added to the game. To check that out, you need to go and update your game. 

This update also brings some UI tweaks and changes. And most importantly, it fixed some well-known bugs in the game. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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