DJI Launches Power Stations with Unique Bi-directional Port

| Updated on 22 April 2024

The drone brand, DJI, has broken new ground by introducing its first power stations that feature a new proprietary port. They are named the Power 500 and the Power 1000. Power 1000 is the most powerful among them. It has a battery capacity of 1,024 Wh that is capable of outputting 2,200W of energy.

It comes with a new proprietary SCD (Smart DC) port that can fast-charge DJI drone batteries. It also supports a lot of input and output accessories. 

The Power 1000 is priced at $699 and the smaller version Power 500 is priced at $379. Both of these models offer a lot of AC and DC inputs and outputs with more available if you’re willing to use SDC. 

With this new SDC port, users can charge their drones with ease. The charge time for all supported drone models will differ slightly. According to DJI, a drone from the Mavic 3 Series takes around 32 minutes to go from 10 percent to 95 percent. 

To charge a drone, the device’s battery needs to have the DJI SDC feature and a special cable as well. This special cable can be purchased at the checkout. However, you need to make sure to buy the right cable for your drone. 

Of course, these devices can also be used for other things as well. It can power up multiple gadgets like smartphones, laptops, movie projectors, etc. To support all this, the devices have all kinds of ports. The Power 1000 features two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, two USB-C inputs, one SDC port, and an SDC Lite input.

To charge the device itself, plug it into a wall socket. It takes around 70 minutes to charge it fully or you can unplug it at 50 minutes with 80 percent battery. 

And for the Power 500, the device can do almost everything that its big brother can do. However, it does these things in a lesser capacity. 

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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