Facebook Testing a New “Clear Mode” for Reel Viewing

| Updated on 17 July 2024

After testing the clear mode for IG reels, Facebook is now testing the same feature for its platform for a clutter-free viewing experience. 

Clear Mode on Facebook Reels

The company has been trying to make the reel experience better for the users. 

An independent app researcher Radu Oncescu posted some screenshots of the Facebook app that the company is testing right now. You can check out the screenshots above or his post on Threads below. 

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This new “Clear Mode” feature will hide the description and UI buttons on the Reels clips for a better viewing experience. 

Meta hopes that it will allow users to remove those elements and watch reels in full. From users’ point of view, they need to long press on the screen to activate the “Clear Mode”. 

However, the feature is not active as of yet for users. It’s still in the development and testing phase. 

As we mentioned above the company has been trying out a similar feature on Instagram for the last few months. But they have not released it to the general public. 

There is no timeline on when this feature will be deployed more broadly but it will come, that’s for sure. 

TikTok has had the same functionality for many years that enables users to hide some UI elements to have a great viewing experience. However, there is a limitation in TikTok that users can only clear the display for videos they are watching. It means users have to clear the display for each video.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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