Google Confirms Gemini Nano Support for Pixel 8 After All

| Updated on 2 April 2024
Google Pixel 8

When Google announced Gemini Nano as its mobile-optimized large language model in December, they promised to use it in their own mobile devices – the Pixel lineup. But when this feature dropped for Pixel devices, only Pixel 8 was able to utilize it. 

Despite having the same Tensor G3 chipset, the base model – Google Pixel 8 was not getting the on-device AI (Gemini Nano). Google reasoned that it was due to hardware limitations. 

So, all the pixel fans, tech enthusiasts, and Android experts united against Google to ask the same question: why? 

After backlash, Google finally responded and said that they had found a way to give Gamini Nano to Pixel 8 users after all. Google Confirmed yesterday that its new on-device Gemini Nano AI model will be coming to the Pixel 8 devices in the next Pixel feature drop. The next feature drop is expected to come in June this year – in developer preview mode. 

It means the users will be able to access the Gemini Nano features by simply turning it on in the Developer Options. For now, the feature will be reserved for the limited audience, for testing purposes. The wider rollout will come eventually. 

With Gemini Nano, Pixel 8 users would get two new features that were previously exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro devices. The first feature is the Summarize feature which can generate a few bullet points based on an audio recording’s transcript. The second feature is the Gboard Smart Reply, a feature for higher-quality smart replies that include conversational awareness. 

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