Google Admits Massive Document Leak Related to Search

| Updated on 3 June 2024

Close to 2500 leaked documents revealed the internal working of Google search engine. Up until now, the company refused to address this. 

The documents detail the data that Google is keeping track of, some of which may be used in search ranking algorithms. The documents offer an unparalleled look under the hood of the most guarded search system on the planet that is shaping how people use the internet. 

The Verge reached out to Google for a comment, “We would caution against making inaccurate assumptions about Search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information,” Google spokesperson Davis Thompson told them in an email. “We’ve shared extensive information about how Search works and the types of factors that our systems weigh, while also working to protect the integrity of our results from manipulation.”

According to the leaked material, Google “collects and potentially uses data” that company representatives have said does not contribute to ranking web pages in Google Search.

The leaked information might create some panic among the SEO professionals. 

According to reports, the leaked Search material was first reported by search engine optimisation (SEO) experts Rand Fishkin and Mike King. 

According to Fishkin, leaked documents outline Google’s search API and break down the information available to employees. 

Here is how Mike King reacted to the leaked documents. 

“While I don’t necessarily fault Google’s public representatives for protecting their proprietary information, I do take issue with their efforts to actively discredit people in the marketing, tech, and journalism worlds who have presented reproducible discoveries,”

The choices Google makes to rank web pages on its search engine have a profound impact for small businesses that rely on the web for traffic/business. Now, the industry people are hoping to crack the code of Google to make it beneficial for them.

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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