Google Crackdown on YouTube Premium Subscriptions Attained via VPN

| Updated on 21 June 2024
YouTube Premiums

YouTube premium membership prices differ in different geographical locations. They offer their services based on purchasing powers and diverse regional consumer purchasing habits. 

However, many users took advantage of this facility by Google by exploiting regional leverage through the use of VPNs. This allowed them to attain the YouTube Premium membership at a cheaper rate than it would cost in their own region. 

YouTube is aware of this fact and they are canceling the memberships of such users. 

A Reddit user by the name of Alopez1024 pointed out that YouTube seemingly canceled their YouTube Premium membership out of nowhere. 

Email from YouTube Team About Membership Cancellation

Other users on Reddit also put forth their opinions on the matter and they shared their stories. The common story among all those users is that they’ve used the VPN to subscribe to YouTube Premium at a cheaper rate than what is available in their region. 

If you have subscribed to YouTube Premium through a VPN, then you should check your email, there is a good chance of it getting canceled by YouTube. 

Some users reached out to customer service to resolve the issues. The answer they got pretty much clears the air around it. The customer service mentioned that the cancellation happened because the user “moved” to a different location than the one they signed up from. Customer service representatives also advised the users to sign up with a local card and address. This would bring them to the normal intended price for the region.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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