New Sticker Options in Instagram Stories

| Updated on 7 May 2024

A couple of days back Meta announced that they are launching new stickers in Instagram Stories. According to Meta, this will give the users more ways to connect with their friends over the things they care about most. 

The first sticker from the batch is the “Add Your Music” option which enables users to respond to a story with a music track. 

Add Your Music Option in Instagram Stories

When using this option in a story, the viewers will be able to reply to a story with a song of their selection. It will provide another form of engagement to the stories. 

The second one is the Polaroid-like “Frames” option that turns your photos into an old school style photo. 

Frames option in Instagram Stories

Here, viewers need to shake their phones to make the image appear in the Polaroid. 

The next option is the “Reveal” sticker which will only be made visible when the viewer sends the creator a DM. 

Reveal option in Instagram Stories

This way, the creator will see an engagement boost in the form of DMs. Viewers will only need to send a DM to view the story, the creator does not need to approve every DM individually. The image will become visible once the DM is sent. 

This adds a direct line of communication between a creator and viewers. 

The last one is the “Cutouts” sticker which enables the users to create a sticker from any element in a photo. This cutout of a photo can be used in any context. 

Cutout option in Instagram Stories

This option has been available for some users since January, but this time it is a wider rollout. Now, all the users will have the option of a cutout feature for their compositions. 

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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