Instagram to Allow Users to Cross-Post Stories to WhatsApp

| Updated on 11 June 2024

Yesterday, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi took to his X account and shared that users may soon be able to cross-post their IG stories directly to WhatsApp. 

Here is the post. 

This may not seem like a big improvement to the platform but it is. Given that WhatsApp Status has more than 450 million users, it is the logical step for Instagram to expand its content to WhatsApp. Apart from that WhatsApp is seeing significant growth in the western markets. 

Cross Post WhatsApp Stories from Instagram

Instagram already has the ability to cross-post Instagram stories to Facebook. Now, with the expansion of this to WhatsApp, users will be able to expand the potential audience reach with a story on the platform. 

WhatsApp Status is the equivalent of Instagram Stories. This will be a way to potentially reach new people with your content. 

It may not work as well as it sounds, as there can be some formatting issues with the stories. There are some elements in Instagram that may not directly translate well into WhatsApp, for example, interactive stickers. It may not have the same functionality on WhatsApp as it would on Instagram. 

However, this is another opportunity for creators to reach a wider audience with the same content. It would be even greater if you could re-share your story through WhatsApp Channels. It will be another broadcasting option through WhatsApp. 

This update is not confirmed by Meta Yet, but we can hope for the best. If this does go ahead, we hope that WhatsApp gets an expanded integration with Instagram for all elements.

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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