Instagram Testing Pop-up Ads on User Stories

| Updated on 14 June 2024

For a while now, Instagram has been trying out new ad formats on the platform. They’re intent on bringing more intrusive ads to boost their revenue stream. 

Now, they’re testing the pop-up ads under your friends’ stories, according to videos and screenshots shared by some users. Here you can see from the example posted by 404 Media, the new ad appears to be overlaid on stories shared by your friends. It also has a small call to action button for users to the ad. 

Here is what 404 Media reported. 

“The ads we’ve seen are for “Super Rumble,” a game for Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality platform. The ads pop up from the bottom of friends’ stories, which can create the somewhat surreal experience of being advertised a virtual reality game on friends’ posts where they are talking about political issues or world events.”

Stories overlaid ads on Instagram

Social media expert Matt Navarra also shared a screenshot on his threads accounts. Have a look. 

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He says “Ads for a game called “Super Rumble” are popping up into Instagram users’ stories as Meta experiments with more invasive types of ads.”

The users have been complaining about the ads on X for the last few days. And on Reddit, they’ve been discussing if it’s a virus or not. They’re also discussing how they can get rid of these intrusive ads. 

It’s not the only form of intrusive ads they’ve been trying. They’re also trying out unskippable ads in the main feed as well. This stops you from scrolling till the video ad has been played.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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