June’s Pixel Feature Drop: Google brings Gemini AI to cheaper Phones

| Updated on 18 June 2024

Google is rolling out the June 2024 Pixel feature drop, this should be considered as the last major update before Android 15 coming later this year. 

With this update, the mobile-ready Gemini Nano model which was already available on Pixel 8 Pro phones, is now available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8A devices as well. It is similar to Apple Intelligence which runs locally on the device. However, the difference here is that Apple Intelligence only works with the latest iPhone 15 Pro. 

To get the new Gemini Nano model on low-priced phones, users will have to go into the developer options to turn it on. 

Gemini Nano created summary in the Recorder app

Google Devices & Services Software vice president Seang Chau said on a podcast, that it was a conscious decision to restrict it for people who understand the potential impact on the user experience of running an AI model with less memory devices. 

Other updates that are part of this feature drop include the availability of the Find My Device update that can locate your phone even when it’s off, or the battery is drained for “at least 23 hours” and support for Display Port output via the USB-C port. 

Mirror to External Display

Some features are coming to the older Pixel devices too. There is a new shortcut in the call log that allows the users to do a reverse phone number search and try to figure out who was calling in the first place. This feature is available on the Pixel Fold, as well as on Pixel 6 and newer devices.

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