Kobo Launches Libra Colour: The First Colour E-readers

| Updated on 10 April 2024

Kobo has announced the first Colour e-reader today. Colour e-readers aren’t new, there are many brands like Onyx and PocketBook that have been making them for a while. Finally, there is a Coloured Kindle or Kobo. 

The Japanese-Canadian company is launching its first Colour e-readers, the Kobo Libra Colour and the Kobo Clara Colour. Both models use E Ink Kaleido 3 display technology, which has noticeable improvements with 16 levels of grayscale. It is 30% better than E Ink’s last-gen tech. 

The Libra Colour is the only new reader that supports a stylus for annotation and highlighting. For that users need to shell out $70 more. The Libra Colour is available for $220 and Clara Colour is available for $150. 

Outside the Kindle, devices from Kobo are a favorite for many people. It also offers Kindle Papershite’s IPX8 waterproof design but extras like physical page turning buttons and no lock screen ads. The Libra Colour is also compatible with Kobo Stylus 2, but you’ll have to buy the $70 stylus separately. 

The Kobo Clara Colour offers the same six-inch display that the Kobo Clara 2E offered and IPX8 waterproof design. But it also comes with 16GB storage and an improved processor. 

Kobo has also introduced an upgraded black and white Kobo Clara BW for $130 that comes with the same storage but with an upgraded processor. 

All the devices announced by Kobo today are available to preorder from today but will ship from April 30th

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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