Lenovo and Motorola Have Been Issues a Sales Ban in Germany

| Updated on 14 May 2024

Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility are facing a legal challenge in Germany after a court imposed a sales ban on their devices that come equipped with WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) modules. These WWAN modules are essential for internet connectivity. 

This measure from the German court is in relation to the patent dispute with the American technology firm InterDigital. A district court in Munich ruled in favor of InterDigital and that led to the immediate enforcement of the ban. 

This means that all the devices from Motorola, including the Edge 50 lineup, will not be available in the country. 

The German version of the Motorola website has also removed the smartphones with WWAN modules. Currently, it lists only a handful of accessories on the website. The German website of Lenovo also mentions that the mobile configuration of some of its laptops will only be available until stock lasts. 

However, third-party retailers will keep selling the Lenovo and Motorola devices until stock lasts. 

After this ban, Lenovo has decided to appeal the court’s decision, asserting that InterDigital’s terms are unjust despite the ruling. 

In simple terms, the entire dispute is around the fact that Lenovo and InterDigital have failed to agree on a licensing fee for InterDigital’s technology. Lenovo has paid something but InterDigital doesn’t see the price paid as being reasonable enough. 

As usually the case, the two parties will eventually reach a settlement outside the court and the devices will return to the shelves in Germany. 

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