Meta Challenges FTC’s Antitrust Lawsuit: Says FTC Has No Evidence to Support Antitrust Claims

| Updated on 11 April 2024

Meta has moved to court to dismiss the Federal Trade Commission’s Antitrust lawsuit, claiming that FTC has no evidence to support their claim. 

In a motion for summary judgment, the company declares that the lawsuit has no merit and should be dismissed because FTC has not been able to prove that its acquisition of Instagram or WhatsApp was detrimental to consumers. 

The lawsuit, which began in December 2020 by the FTC and over 40 state attorneys general, accused Meta of unlawfully acquiring its competitors WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Meta claims that the FTC has yet to give a solid foundation for its case. The original lawsuit was dismissed by a judge claiming that FTC had not been able to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims that Meta held a monopoly. 

FTC filed another lawsuit just two months later, claiming that Meta, formerly Facebook, had maintained dominance in the US personal social networking services markets since 2011. 

Meta says this on their blog. “After more than a year of pre-complaint investigation and two years of extensive litigation discovery, it is more apparent than ever that the FTC cannot prove any of these claims. “

Meta still claims that their acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram is good for consumers and businesses. 

Meta also says that the company rivals in the market like X, YouTube, and TikTok. 

“Even if the FTC did have a basis for its claims that the deals harmed consumers, the evidence shows the opposite. In reality, our significant investment of time and resources since acquiring the two apps has made them into the services that millions of users enjoy today for free.”

Anu Joy

Tech Journalist

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