Meta is Labeling Real Photos as Made with AI, According to Reports

| Updated on 25 June 2024

Meta is being criticized for inaccurately labeling photos on its platforms. On Instagram, it has been labeling real photos with a “Made with AI” tag. The issue is encountered by multiple users and I even got to see this firsthand. 

This issue was first highlighted by some users and photographers who claimed that their photos were tagged wrongfully. They reported that their images were not created using AI, they shot those and uploaded them to the platform. 

A more notable example of the same is the celebration image of Kolkata Knight Riders players when they won the trophy this year of the Indian Premier League. 

Below is a screen grab from my Instagram profile of the KKR players. You can clearly see the “Made with AI” label at the top. 

An Instagram Post of KKR Celebration

Image of Kolkata Knight Riders, labeled as “Made with AI.”

There are many creators and photographers who reported their concerns over their images having been wrongly tagged with the same label. Their concern is that simply editing with a tool should be subject to the “Made with AI” label. 

TechCrunch reached out to Meta and this is what they got in response. “Our intent has always been to help people know when they see content that has been made with AI. We are taking into account recent feedback and continue to evaluate our approach so that our labels reflect the amount of AI used in an image.”

For now, Meta is not providing any separate labels to indicate if a photo is cleaned up using some tools or used AI to create it. It is hard for users to understand how much AI was used to create a photo. 

When you tap on the label, it says “Generative AI may have been used to create or edit content in this post.”

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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