X Previews an Improved Ad Analytics on the Platform

| Updated on 2 July 2024
Next Gen Ad Analytics Coming to X

X is currently testing out the new and updated ad analytics with improved dashboards and metric overviews. New ad analytics will make it easier to track the performance of pair content. 

Sid Rao, one of the engineers at X, took to his X account and posted about the next-gen ad analytics for the platform. Here is the tweet. 

The image shared by Sid clearly shows that the new and updated X ad analytics dashboard will include a range of large performance charts, allowing users to see the performance of their content at a glance. You can check out this link how the previous campaign dashboard looked. 

In the new ad analytics page, most of the information shown is not new, but the presentation is much more intuitive or effective. Now, it will become easier for users to do things like switch tabs, click on links, switch campaigns, track performance, and much more. 

It looks like a welcome change in the ad analytics. With an improvement like this, advertisers will be quite happy. Some of the advertisers left the platform after Elon Musk took over the company. X has been trying to win them back ever since. This is a nice change and the company will be hoping to please more advertisers. 

X is also revamping its ad-serving system to make it more promising for advertisers. However, the question remains, will it be enough though? 

At the moment, only a few brands want to try out the improving X systems. However, if the platform can show significant growth in the user base, the advertisers will start to return to the platform.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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