Reddit Updates Its Content Policy Around Third Party Data Access

| Updated on 13 May 2024

Reddit has published a new public content policy around third-party data access. The company is working to maximize the value of its data by restricting access to the data for third parties. 

The new public content policy from Reddit outlines the parameters that will dictate how third parties can access the data. Here is something shared by Reddit. 

New Reddit Public Content Policy

Reddit explains the new policy using precise words. 

“At Reddit, we believe in the open internet. We also believe that privacy is a right […] Unfortunately, we see more and more commercial entities using unauthorized access or misusing authorized access to collect public data in bulk, including Reddit public content. Worse, these entities perceive they have no limitation on their usage of that data, and they do so with no regard for user rights or privacy, ignoring reasonable legal, safety, and user removal requests. While we will continue our efforts to block known bad actors, we need to do more to restrict access to Reddit public content at scale to trusted actors who have agreed to abide by our policies.”

The new policy will set more parameters around third-party data access, giving the company legal resources in cases of a breach or unauthorized use of their data. 

The company has been trying its best to protect the data and not allow the Large Language models to use Reddit data for training. As a publicly traded company, Reddit now has to grab every chance to increase its revenue. With this new policy, Reddit can strike some more deals to make money from its data.

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