Samsung Shows Off Its First Energy-efficient Color E-paper Display

| Updated on 14 June 2024
Samsung Color e ink Display Technology

Samsung has recently demonstrated its color e-paper display for the first time. Currently, the display is in the prototype stage utilizing color e-ink screen technology, and is primarily designed for advertising displays. 

There is a lot of technology that goes on to make these types of digital displays work. Now, Samsung is making them even more efficient. At InfoComm 2024, the company announced that they are extending the SmartThings platform to the business ecosystem with the new SmartThings Pro, an intelligent control system for digital signs. 

They also plan to show off the latest innovation in color e-ink display technology. The company calls this new technology an “ultra-low power display” that “operates at 0.00W when displaying static images and consumes significantly less power than traditional signage when changing images.”

What this means is that the digital displays that you see in everyday life will get a boost. The types of display you see in stores, subways, and other different places for advertisement are about to get power efficient while also providing great picture quality. 

The company claims that it has QHD resolution and can display 60,000 colors. Also, the 32-inch color e-ink display from Samsung is only 17.9 mm thick and weighs only 2.9 kg (excluding batteries). So, it is a compact and lightweight option. 

The company claims that it virtually uses almost no power when displaying content and only uses a small amount of power when the content is updated.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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