Galaxy Ring Buyers with Bigger Fingers Will Get Higher Battery Life

| Updated on 31 May 2024

An FCC listing was discovered for Samsung’s new Galaxy Ring, providing a new insight into what it is going to be. The new document from the FCC reveals a lot of details. 

According to the listing, the new Galaxy Ring will release nine models at launch as opposed to the previously reported 8 models. The new Ring will have model numbers from SM-Q500 through SM-Q509, however, they’re skipping the SM-Q504 model if the listing is to be believed. 

The new rings will have widths from 5 to 13 US sizes. Among all the models, SM-Q505 appears to be the smallest at size 5. SM-Q502 is going to be the biggest among the list of Galaxy Rings to be released this year. However, the size report of SM-Q503 is missing from the report, so we don’t know how large it will be. According to the general logic, this would be a size 13 ring, but there is no evidence to confirm that. 

New Samsung Galaxy Rings

Droid Life even shared the pictures of the upcoming Galaxy Rings. But these Rings look different from the prototypes we’ve seen back in February. The outside of the ring has a matte coating, while the inside of the ring is glossy. 

Now, coming to the battery speculations. It is the most interesting development from this FCC listing. 

The Galaxy Ring models SM-Q505 through SM-Q507 will have a battery size of 17mAh, while SM-Q508, Q509, Q500, and Q501 will have a battery size of 18.5 mAh. And the last two remaining models SM-Q502 and SM-Q503 will include a 22 mAh battery size.  

So, this means that the bigger the ring is, the bigger the battery size. It is possible that people with bigger fingers will enjoy longer battery life with their rings. 

The charging dock is square and has a USB port on the side, most likely a USB-C cable.

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