Instagram Users Lose Millions of Followers Due to Temporary Glitch

| Updated on 1 May 2024

Did you notice a drop in your follower count on Instagram over the weekend? It is possible that you may have noticed or not but several people experienced this. Check out this example on Threads.

as you can see from the example an account has lost over five million followers. When you log in to your Instagram account and see this happened to you, what would be your reaction? You might be pondering about what you have done to deserve this. 

Well, rest assured, it’s not because of what you have done. This is the result of a technical glitch on Instagram’s side. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri confirmed that there was a technical issue. He also assured me that the Instagram team has rectified this issue. 

The SocialMediaToday team reached out to Instagram and they got this in reply. 

“A technical issue resulted in Instagram accounts seeing an inaccurate loss of followers in their Account Insights, but total follower counts on profiles were not impacted. The issue has since been resolved, and follower metrics in Account Insights are now accurate.”

So, if you were impacted by this, don’t worry, it should be okay now. Just go ahead and refresh the page. 

In reality, you didn’t lose any followers, it was just a glitch that gave wrong information to people.  

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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