AltStore PAL Alternative App Marketplace Available Now in Europe

| Updated on 19 April 2024

Thanks to the intervention of the European Union, Apple is forced to consider things they weren’t ready to acknowledge. With third-party app stores and never-before-seen apps, Apple is heading towards a more open approach like other tech companies. 

Recently, Apple allowed third-party app stores on their iPhones due to the Digital Markets Act of the European Union. 

Now, an alternative third-party app store AltStore PAL is live in Europe. The new app store requires an annual subscription of €1.50 (plus tax) to cover the cost of Apple’s core Technology Fee for installing the app marketplace itself. 

Apple has not made it easy to install AltStore PAL. It requires a lot of scare screens that double-check or triple-check your desire to install apps from outside Apple’s App Store. Eventually, it lets you install the app if you are persistent on installing it. 

The new app store has two new apps that were developed by Riley Testut. First is Delta, an emulator that is capable of playing NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, and Nintendo DS games. And the second is the clip, a clipboard manager that is forbidden by Apple. 

The Delta app is also launching in Apple’s App Store for every other region. AltStore PAL is integrating its marketplace with Patreon for monetization and will support developers who want to distribute beta apps as a reward for crowd-sourced funding. This is something that Apple doesn’t allow on their App Store. 

Delta is a free app, but Clip requires a monthly Patreon pledge of €1 (plus tax) or more.  

AltStore PAL has been around for a while but installing it has been a lot more challenging than it is today. The alternative app store developer says that it is also open to submissions from third-party developers as well. 

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