TikTok Ads May Soon Contain AI-generated Avatars of Creators and Stock Actors

| Updated on 19 June 2024

TikTok on Monday announced that they are introducing some new generative AI tools that aim to help organizations and content creators. 

In the next step of digital marketing, TikTok’s new Symphony marketing management platform will include an option for brands to create virtual influencers to sell their products for them. 

TikTok Symphony Creative Studio

This example from the company shows how they are moving to the next stage of digital marketing with a virtual influencers program. This will enable brands to choose from a range of digital characters that can essentially sell their products for them via TikTok live streams. 

Here is how TikTok sees it. 

“To help creators and brands captivate global audiences and deliver impactful messages in an immersive and authentic way, we are excited to announce Symphony Digital Avatars. Digital Avatars help breathe life into branded content with generative A.I. avatars of real people, which will enable new ways to scale creative strategies on TikTok.”

These new TikTok avatars will come in two formats, stock avatars and custom avatars. Stock avatars are pre-built characters that have been created using paid actors that are licensed for commercial use. Custom avatars can be created by brands or creators to sell their likenesses and more. These custom avatars will have multi language abilities. 

Inclusion of Language and Dialect

This means that you will be able to dictate whether an avatar uses British or American English or any other regional accents. 

It’s still in early development, so the dubbing tools might not work as advertised but it’s a start. The creators will have to have faith that TikTok’s new dubbing tools will be accurate enough to avoid embarrassing mistranslation blunders.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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