TikTok Appoints New Legal Counsel to Fight Sell-off Bill

| Updated on 5 June 2024

As the company gears up for the legal battle in the US against the sell-off or ban bill, there is a new development in the story. The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, has appointed veteran lawyer John Rogovin as its global counsel to help the company in its defense. 

John has previously worked with Warner Bros., where he worked as the top legal representative for the company for a decade. He also worked with the FCC and the Justice Department in different capacities over the years. 

Here is how TikTok views the appointment of John Rogovin. 

“We are very happy to welcome John to our leadership team. He joins us with vast experience and expertise from his roles in public service, distinguished law firms, and as a leader in the entertainment industry. John brings strong legal instinct and a proven track record of successfully leading global teams that I know we will benefit from greatly as a company.”

Rogovin will now join hands with the previous senior counsel of the company, Erich Andersen. Now, Rogovin will take up the role of Special Counsel to the company. 

Earlier, Erich’s role was to help the company’s efforts to overturn the unconstitutional ban legislation in the US. Now that Rogovin has come on board, it remains to be seen how involved will Erich be in these matters. 

TikTok has been fighting a hard battle in the US and would want to overturn the government’s decision. Last month the company filed a lawsuit in the US Court of Appeals, arguing that the proposed action violates the US Constitution. TikTok is taking more measures to fight this sell-off or ban bill, and adding a new counsel in an effort to boost its battle against this bill.

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