Twitch’s Bleed Purple Statue: A Physical Award for Streamers

| Updated on 2 July 2024
Twitch Streamer Achievement Awards

Twitch has announced that they are introducing a Streamer Achievement Program that will award top performers with Bleed Purple Statues.

At TwitchCon Rotterdam Europe 2024, the company announced that they are releasing their own version of physical awards just like YouTube.

YouTube creators can show off their creator awards to show the public that they’ve made it. These are physical plaques that the YouTube team sends to the creators with a certain number of subscriber milestones. 

Here is the tweet about the Streamer Achievement Awards from Twitch. 

With this, Twitch is looking to reward creators for viewership milestones, unlike YouTube, which is based on subscribers. 

Eligibility of Bleed Purple Statue

With this program, Twitch is looking to reward streamers who’ve hit certain viewership milestones. However, the milestone for the qualification is in the very high range; only a few people have achieved it. 

There are three tiers of Bleed Purple Statues that streamers can hit to receive a physical award. Each of these tiers signifies a high level of achievement. 

Here are the tiers to be qualified for Bleed Purple Statues. 

  • For the first tier Bleed Purple Statue, streamers need to accumulate 5 million hours watched on their channel.  
  • For the second tier Bleed Purple Statue, streamers are required to hit 50 million hours watched on their channel.
  • For the third tier Bleed Purple Statue, streamers must complete 250 million hours watched on their channel.

Twitch streamer LittleBigWhale was the first to receive a Bleed Purple Statue live at TwitchCon Europe 2024. This is the same event where Twitch revealed all the versions of the awards. 

The company says that the eligible creators will receive invitations to accept their Bleed Purple Statue later this summer. 

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