X is Developing an Updated Explore Page: To Feature Grok Summaries

| Updated on 5 April 2024

X is looking to improve their Explore page on the platform. The company is close to completing the development of an updated Explore page that will feature topic summaries generated by its AI chatbot Grok. 

As you can see from this tweet that shows the demo of the upcoming Explore page on X, the feature is almost in its final stages and it will launch soon. 

Updated Explore Page on X

We can clearly see from the example above, that the updated explore page on X will provide summaries of the topic in real time, generated by AI chatbot Grok. It also features a new ‘Live on X’ breakout box. With this, people can explore in-progress spaces and live streams. 

This breakout box could be the most important element in this new and improved UI because X says that the platform is hosting close to 450K spaces in the app every week. These spaces are not easy to find. However, if it works then it will be easier for us to find new spaces and join them. 

According to X, video views are also increasing as it is now the go-to platform for live events. For now, there is no dedicated space to go and check out the live events. Now, it will be a game-changing feature for the platform as this could mean more users flocking to watch live events. 

However, it looks like the platform is looking to boost awareness of its AI chatbot Grok. Well, if there is a summary on every topic by Grok, then people are bound to notice it.

Gaurav Pal

Tech Journalist

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