Good News for Creators: YouTube Adds AI Assistance Tools

| Updated on 6 June 2024

Now, YouTube is adding even more AI tools to help creators create the best possible content and reach the desired audience. 

With the new AI tools, YouTube is looking to provide more inspiration for content creators with its revamped Inspiration tab available in YouTube Studio Analytics. Now, it will be able to give you AI-based recommendations for new video ideas. 

YouTube Inspiration Tab

They have renamed their Research tab to Inspiration. Now, the updated tab displays listings of search trends and Breakout video clips. 

Here is how YouTube explains it. 

“Breakout Videos will highlight videos from similar channels that have performed exceedingly well. The goal is to give creators a more holistic understanding of channels similar to them, what content is resonating with their audience, and inspiration.”

Finally, creators can use YouTube’s AI system to generate ideas and notes based on what your channel viewers are likely to be interested in. 

It is an expansion of the Ideas Generator that YouTube has been testing for some time with some users. The Ideas Generator provides more guidance on potential clips based on trends. 

This is good for creators who want to chase the audience and give them what they want. However, this may feel a little less creative or a little less original to some.

Anyways, this can give creators an idea of what is working on YouTube and what viewers are seeking on YouTube. When creators are using other AI tools to get inspiration for videos, it makes sense for YouTube to add them here too. 

The company says that the new inspiration tab is now available to all users globally, except for creators in the EU, UK, Switzerland, and India. 

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