YouTube Chat Topic Sorting: The Test Now Expands to Live Streams

| Updated on 18 June 2024

YouTube has been testing A.I. summarized comment topics on regular uploads in the app for a while. Now the company is also trying to test out the same feature for live videos, with comments separated into topic groups during a stream. 

Here is how YouTube explains the new feature. 

“To help you more quickly understand and participate in the exciting conversations that happen via YouTube live chat, we’re experimenting with A.I.-generated live chat summaries. If you’re in the experiment group, you’ll see a banner display at the top of the live chat when you join a live stream that’s accrued sufficient chat activity prior to you joining.”

This means that if a live stream has enough comments for the creator to go through, YouTube will be able to use its AI sorting to separate the chat into subjects. This will make it easier for viewers to quickly understand the key elements of focus and then discuss them. 

YouTube started testing this feature on regular uploads back in November, which also recently rolled out to Shorts as well. But they are still in the testing phase of the feature. So, it is possible that you may not be seeing it today. Hopefully, this will come to all the users soon enough as it is a fun feature. 

The idea is to provide a streamlined version of what is being discussed in the comments, allowing users to pick their topics and have meaningful discussions around them. This will help creators as more and more people will try to engage in a discussion without viewers having to scroll through the entire live chat or regular video comments. 

This feature could be really valuable for live streams as it is pretty difficult for users to scroll through all the comments in a stream. 

The company says that the feature is currently rolled out “to a small percentage of viewers who join eligible live streams in English that have super active live chat conversations happening.”

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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