YouTube’s Updated ‘Erase Song’ Tool Removes Copyrighted Music Without Affecting Other Audio

| Updated on 9 July 2024
YouTube Erase Song Tool

Last week, YouTube released an updated eraser tool for creators so they can easily remove any copyrighted music from their videos without affecting any other audio like dialog or sound effects. 

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan took to X to share this news with creators. Here is the post. 

In the video posted by Neal, the company announced that they had been testing the eraser tool for a while, but it wasn’t as accurate in removing the copyrighted song. The new tool uses an AI-powered algorithm to specifically detect and remove that song without affecting other audio in the video. Here is the video posted by YouTube Creator Insider.

The new feature is explained further on the support page of YouTube. Here YouTube explains that option appears on videos that have copyright claims that are related solely to audio. For now, the tool might also mute all audio during specific portions of the video that are affected by the copyright claim. 

Removing the song is a tough task and YouTube says that it might not work for all users. 

“This edit might not work if the song is hard to remove. If this tool doesn’t successfully remove the claim on a video, you can try other editing options, such as muting all sound in the claimed segments, or trimming out the claimed segments.”

The company also says that it might not work if the video has more than 100,000 views as processing time can vary. It means that using this tool on these types of videos can take a while. 

The company says that the “Erase Song” tool is rolling out to YouTube Studio on desktop and mobile devices in the coming weeks. 

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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