Proton VPN is Now Free to Use on Android

| Updated on 10 July 2024

Proton VPN is making some changes to how it functions on Android devices. 

Now, Proton VPN is free to use without an account on Android devices. This credential less login on Android makes it easier for users to access the service. 

Proton VPN has been one of the best VPN service providers in the world especially when it comes to providing their services privately. They keep adding new features to their VPN services to improve it. And with this new feature on Android, they’ve improved the service significantly. 

This announcement means that the users of Proton VPN on Android can now start using the service without needing to create or sign in to an account. Users can access the service directly from the app. You just need to set up the VPN profile, that’s it. 

In addition to this new credentialless feature, they are also expanding their free server offerings to 21 countries holding elections this year. They are hoping to provide residents of those countries with access to the internet privately. They are doing their part in providing the residents a chance to browse the internet privately. 

They already offer this service of free servers in 16 countries; they will expand that to 21. The new countries include nations like Brazil and Jordan. 

Proton VPN is not free for all; however, they do offer a free tier. The free tier users can only access a limited number of servers with less-than-optimal speeds. Their usual plan costs $10 a month, which includes a high-speed VPN connection, free email from Proton, 500GB of storage, and some other additional features.

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Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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