Microsoft Now Forces Automatic OneDrive Backups During Installations

| Updated on 1 July 2024

Microsoft has been working hard to hook users into its ecosystem of apps and services. Now, they’ve taken another step towards that goal by making OneDrive backups as an opt-out feature. 

They’ve turned on the OneDrive backups in Windows 11 by default without any prior notice to users. Many users vented their frustrations on this and complained about the tech giant’s perspective. 

Apple and Google also offer online backups on their devices, allowing users to decline them before they start syncing the content of their devices. 

In the past also, you had to explicitly activate automatic backup on Windows 11. You can disable it right from the start but Microsoft keeps reminding you to enable it every time you update your Windows 11 device. 

When you set up a new Windows 11 system while connected to the Internet and using a Microsoft account, you will be asked to back up your data through OneDrive. Now 

But now, Microsoft wants everyone to back up their systems without their consent. They assumed that everyone wanted OneDrive backups activated by default. You may not even realize that your files are backed up until you set up a new PC and see your old files again. 

This is a very useful feature for users if they deliberately enable it. However, Microsoft decided that sending a few notifications to enable backup using OneDrive was not enough, so they just turned it on by default without asking the users about it. This resulted in a flood of Reddit posts about users complaining about this. 

There is a way to avoid this, just set up your new Windows 11 computer in offline mode. Or you can open the OneDrive app and then turn off the backup from there.

Alap Naik Desai

Tech Journalist

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