New Apple M4 Chip is Focused More on AI

| Updated on 10 May 2024

In an event, Apple announced the next generation of their chipset, M4. For now, M4 is coming in the new iPad Pro with a tandem OLED screen. 

This chip is focused on improving AI-related tasks on iPadOS. During the event, Apple heavily focused on the AI capabilities of the new chip. And a neural engine makes it extremely powerful for AI-related tasks. According to Apple, the chip is capable of 38 trillion operators per second. According to Apple, it is 60 times faster than the A11 chip from 2017. But it is still not as good as the Snapdragon X Elite, the processor from Qualcomm is capable of 45 TOPS. Despite that, Apple claims that their chip can deliver the same performance as the latest PC chips with only a quarter of the power. 

The new chip from Apple uses the 3-nm technology and has four performance cores and six efficiency cores. This makes it around 50 percent more powerful than the M2 chips. 

The new core architecture of M4 also supports dynamic caching, mesh shading, and ray tracing as well. It also includes a display engine that is capable of four times the rendering speed when compared to M2. 

What Apple didn’t mention in the event was the NPU cores of M4. Earlier M-series chips have had the same 16-core NPU count since they started manufacturing the chips themselves. 

Qualcomm is also in competition with their Arm-powered chips which are scheduled to launch with Microsoft laptops.

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